What Does a Gym Consultant Do?

Provides knowledge based on experience

Diagnoses and solves problems / issues / challenges

Recognizes opportunities

Recommends solutions

Provides an action plan





Why I Need a Consultant?

A Consultant can provide creative, effective workouts, prevent injuries, ensure you hit your goals, and provide consistent, non-judgmental fitness support.

Our consultants, not just train, they provide you with a complete fitness, wellness and nutrition plan that’s designed to make a lifelong impact.

With understanding of nutrition, physical anatomy, fitness plan development, bodybuilding concepts, health warning signs and wellness assessments.


Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Download the app

Download the Vitaminhaat Gym app and go to the consult section.


Complete Verification Process

Upload your registration and latest degree certificate, and a government-issued ID proof.

Enter Your Bank Details

Add your bank details to receive payments from Trainee directly, for online consultations.