Efficient Operations

  • Ensure 0% revenue leakage and stock pilferage
  • 20% efficiency gain in billing and insurance
  • 100% paperless operations



Earn Trainee Love

Workout Buddy




Personal Trainer

Be Appropriate, Be Open, Be Humble

All this things trainee earn love, respect.

Make Better Decisions

  • Understand their personal decision-making style
  • Appreciate the strengths this can bring as well as the dangers that they would be wise to watch out for
  • Become familiar with five decision-making traps that we set ourselves daily and what to do to avoid them




Our Process

 Trainer Scheduling (Week-wiseview or multiple trainer in one page)

SMS reminder alerts to customer on appointments. Pre-registration of bulk corporate customer.


Token number generation across individual customer

Display outside trainer’s chamber regarding customer in waiting.

Developed the skills and attitude of trainer responsible for educating their clients on physical fitness and self-motivation.

– In order to be effective, personal trainers must demonstrate that they have mastered these areas in their own lives. 

Understand human Anatomy the best trainers have a deep understanding of the way the human body works.

– It’s a big responsibility advising clients to perform exercises unsuitable to their abilities can lead to injuries, sometimes severe ones.

– Clients also work with machinery and weight equipment that could injure them if it’s used improperly.

Choose a place to get certified Most fitness centers and gyms require their personal trainers to have certification from an organization accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

The organizations that provide certification each concentrate in slightly different areas.

Choose a specialty. Personal training is a competitive business, and one way to help yourself stand out is by choosing a specialty and receiving additional certification.

– For example, you may want to find a program that teaches you how to work with children or people with special needs so you can broaden your client base.

Think like an entrepreneur Once you start your own business, you’ll have to attract your own clients – you won’t have a gym to do it for you. Get familiar with marketing basics and spread the word about your business.

– Choose a catchy, professional-sounding name to attract new clients.

-Set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Post pictures of your studio, and, with their permission, your happy clients.

Scheduling or appointment booking for Services

Registration from Scheduling

Direct Registration for Lab and Radiology Services

Ordering investigations and/or converting investigation prescriptions as order

Billing and Collection (patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, deposit collection, discounts based on authorization of various people)

Patient Payments collection using different payment modes (including bank transfers, coupons, Forex etc)

Sample processing (auto barcode generation and printing, label printing; sample assertion, sample source, sample/specimen condition, sample recollection)

Gender and age specific automatic status update of normal, abnormal, critical and impossible values in entry of test results

Out house tests handling (CLIA Number Speciation, Out House Sample Print with barcode, Out House Payments Auto Calculation)

Handling incoming patients from outside lab/ hospitals and payment calculation

Inventory control of Lab Reagents, Xray Films, Service Consumables

Manual Test Result Entry / Interface with Uni and Bi-Directional Equipment , PACS, Third Party Imaging Solutions, HL7 Standards, , LOINC Codes and other observation codes supported

Signoff Reports, Combining Reports

Details on to whom reports were handed over and at what time, report printout counts tracking

Alert SMS’s on reports readiness to patients

Automatic accounting of consumables

Trend reports on lab results

Control reports for lab accreditation (Conduction, Assertion, Prescription, Handover Turnaround Time Reports)

Audit log

Operations or surgery scheduling

Alerts to patients on appointments using alerts and messages, appointment reminders

Registration from scheduling, direct In-Patient registration, and Conversion of OP to IP

Printing of smart cards, bar codes, plastic cards with patient photos, patient label print, interface to digital signature devices

New case file generation, automatic requisitions for MRD case files, tracking and handing over of case files

IP Package Handling and Package Margin calculations

Handling Insurance Patients / MLC cases

Billing and Collection (patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, deposit collection and realization, discounts based on authorization of various people, Patient Custom Period Expense Statement, Various Formats of Bill Prints such as detailed, Summary etc, Handling Billing Status like Open, Finalized and Closed, CPT codes, CGHS Codes supported )

Patient Payments collection using different payment modes (including bank transfers, coupons, Foreign currenct, etc)

Allocating Beds – Transfer – Shifting (Rules based auto calculation of bed charges during Shifting)

Facility of bed allocation to relatives of patients

Bed Maintenance

Doctor visit activities, diet prescription, treatment sheet Doctor Standing Instructions for Medicine, Investigation, Diet Prescription/ Vitals capturing.

Clinical Data Capturing using Hospital Specific Forms

Nurses Activity tracking (Nurse Notes, Doctor Instruction Follow-up, medication charts, vitals, intake-output)

Writing of progress notes, Doctor’s Monitoring Nurses Activities against the patients from Remote Location

Automatic issue of medicines by pharmacy based on doctor’s prescription,ICD coding in MRD, Uploading Generic documents and other supportive documents

Comprehensive Discharge summary with various templates. Automatic entry of doctor visits, tests and medicines provided into discharge summary (Supports – Discharge Types, Discharge Summary Status)

Patient Settlement / Insurance Claim

Discharge upon Prior Approval From Billing

Generation of Preauthorization forms

Registering OP / IP patients with Insurance Company and TPA details

Capturing Pre-authorization amount and the way pre-authorization is received

Capturing Insurance card image in registration

Edit / Change Insurance company details and Pre-auth approval amount from Billing/Registration

Automatic Calculation of Rates for different Insurance Plans

Facility to split the item amount into the Insurance and Patient co-pay

Advance/Refund option for patient payments

Sending the claims to TPA’s as Single Claim / Claim Batch

Facility to mail the clinical and supportive documents through mail directly from Patient Medical Records to TPA’s

Tracking the Payments / Dues from TPA’s using Reports

Facility to record receipts from insurance/corporate sponsors using Claim Batch number or individual claim number with TDS preferences

Pending Age Reports analysis to increase efficiency.

Audit Log

Insurance e-Claims

XML based Claim Processing as per specs of HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) and DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

Coding of various services provided in hospital. Supports CTP codes, HCPCS codes, DRG codes, ICD codes, Dental codes, LOINC codes, etc.

Remittance Upload and Reconciliation / Entering the Payments using Claim Batch number or individual claim number.

Item master with item categories, Unit of measure, package type and package quantity

Unlimited number of stores with facility to define whether store can sell or not and link to collection counters

Indent Process by various users (Generation, Approval, Processing and Acceptance)

Stock Transfer, Gate Pass Generation, Stock acceptance

Stock Quantity Adjustment

Min, Max, Danger, Reorder Level Handling for items in individual stores

Reordering of items using various options

Generation of P.O from Reordering / Direct P.O Generation

P.O Approval

Direct Stock Entry / Stock Entry using P.O (Handling Batch and Serial Number items) with Barcode generation facility / GRN Generation

Facility of different types of units of measure for procurement and issue

Facility for mark up of inventory items for internal usage and billing

Pending prescriptions, Estimates for pharmacy bills

Direct Pharmacy Sales (Hospital & Retail), Issue to Patient, and Issue to User

Cash, Credit, Insurance and Add to Hospital Bill options

Sales Return / User Return / Patient Return handling

Supplier Returns – Replacement and Debit Note options

Automatic accounting of consumables for Services / Tests

Multiple Store concept, Sub Stores, Categorizing Items and Stores using Item category

Asset Approval, Assets Maintenance, Asset Tracking, Automatic / Manual check point facility for Stock Checking.

Stock Details and Purchase detail reports, Stock Movement, Stock Transfer, Sales/Issue Reports – Store Report Builder Facility

Audit Log

Maintenance and Contracts Management

Preparing Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Custom Maintenance Schedule for Fixed Assets, Bio Medical Equipments, Electronic and Other Equipments

Registering complaint against equipments and assets with various complaint types

Assigning complaints and recording the status of complaints such as “Recorded, Assigned, Resolved and Closed”

Tracking and Monitoring Complaints

Providing dashboard facility to view the complaints against equipments / assets for store (can be sorted on Asset name, user, type, complaint, complaint status, store, raised and resolved date)

Facility to store/create hospital Contracts and Licences with value, start and end date, renewal date, contract type

Facility to upload scanned copy of contracts and licences

Contract and License dashboard facility with sorting options on contract/licence type, renewal date, end date

Reports available for Maintenance schedule, Asset/Equipment complaints, Maintenance due date reports and facility to create and save new reports using Report builder.

Linen and Laundry Management

Facility of Procurement and Categorization of Linen with its movement type using Item category

Issue Linens to Wards, Bed and patients

Issue Linen for Laundry

Facility to Capture Sterilization, Return and Discard of Linens

Scheduling of linen and reports on linen movements

Patient Surveys

Designing patient survey forms

Online entry of patient survey forms using tablets or computer

Batch upload of patient survey results

Reports on surveys with multiple sorting and filtering options

Trend reports on surveys. Department and doctor wise reports and trends

Alerts and Messaging System

Alerts on Lab reports read

Patient admission alerts to respective doctors and administration department

Alert SMS to patient on their appointment status and appointment reminders

Alert message on patient discharge to the billing department

SMS reminders to consultants on their OP appointment

Facility to send marketing messages via Email , SMS to patients on department, doctor wise

Diet and Nutrition

Prescribing diet to In-patients for a defined date range with multiple diet types

Providing diet chart to In patients along with diet charts

Diet delivery dash board / schedule facility in Kitchen / canteen

Update diet delivery time in diet dashboards

Diet delivery reports against wards

Ambulance and Transport Management

Maintaining emergency call register to record the phone calls for emergency requests with conditions

Recording ambulance service / trips to the patients along with Ambulance number, start date-time, end date-time

Reports on emergency call list, ambulatory service list with report builder facility


Yes, your data is very secure. No one has access to your systems without your permission. Also, every client gets their own database on the cloud, which means that no other competitor can access your data. All Practo servers are hosted within HIPAA compliant Virtual Private Servers inside Amazon Cloud, with multiple protection layers.

Insta is a hospital management software and it does not help directly drive new patients to the hospital.

Insta has one of the fastest implementation turnaround times in the industry. We will also help you with the implementation as well as the getting-started process. Depending upon the size of your hospital, the implementation can be completed as quickly as 3 days.

Our team is always ready to train your staff members so that they can use Insta with ease. Once the implementation is done, we provide training for your staff so that they are comfortable with using Insta.

We have a dedicated central support team that will help you after the implementation and training program too. We also have a dedicated, friendly customer support team at your service over email

You are automatically entitled to all updates for free, as long as you remain an active subscriber.

Yes, Insta supports both cloud-based solution as well as on-premise installation.