Intelligent Queue Manager

You’re Seeing No Results from Exercising

-Boredom is Preventing you from Going to the Gym

-You Need Advice on Getting Started

-You’ve Got/Had an Injury

-That Marathon/Sporting Event is Looming

-You Don’t Know Which Workouts You Want


Qikwell Pulse

Exercise management for customer

Notify clients on appointment status and rescheduling

Mark delay alerts when running late

Seamless Sync with the Vitaminhaat Gym app for Trainee

Online appointment booking

Live view of the Trainee calendar

Appointment reminder, status, and rescheduling

  Sharing of client health records


Increased Efficiency

Smart widgets sync your appointments across Facebook/LinkedIn pages, and website.

Automated appointments reduce load on phone lines

Your receptionist gets more time for more important tasks

Syncs with your existing gym/fitness center, if any